The Hagglund BV 206 is the most versatile ATV when the going becomes extreme. Our machines make safe access possible in the most difficult of conditions.


With a low ground pressure of only 8 PSI, the environmental impact of the Hagglund is remarkably low. This fact alone, makes the BV 206 ideal for use in fragile lowland and upland habitats. Seen here on the right of the page with people carrier body, and seating for 15 passengers, the units can be configured in many diverse ways to suit almost every need.


We have flat bed trailers (2500Kg payload and a perfect fit for deer fence posts), and a unit fitted with hi-ab (spec on request) and tipping body. All variations still have seats for 5 passengers plus operator in the front. If you have any specific requirements that we don’t currently cater for, we can make what you need – within reason!


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